Don’t Do Type 1 Diabetes Alone. Get Out There, Live A Little!

Two days ago, I put up a picture on Instagram of my list of quarterly health checkups that I had to get done. And with it I put a small caption sharing the little nervousness that I go through every time before the tests. 19 years of Type 1 Diabetes is bound to have that effect on oneself at some point. Shortly after posting, I received multiple comments from my friends in the community encouraging me and motivating me; loving emojis to funny and optimistic replies wishing me well. My fear wore off upon reading the comments. Knowing that there is a big community of friends undergoing similar experiences makes life a lot easy. These are friends who know how important health check-ups are in T1D management, who know what impact a good or bad test result has on the mind, who know how big a difference a few words can make. None of this is possible of course unless we put ourselves out there with all our rarities and challenges. To have such friends is possible only if we go out there, lend a hand to someone in need and ask for a hand when in need ourselves. To express your fears, doubts, challenges can become one of the most creative and surely the bravest things you have ever done. And when living with Type 1 Diabetes, getting out there with everything you have can make your life about so much more than yourself.

Finally, as I drove to the laboratory today, I wasn’t worried about the results for once, which came out just fine by the way. Being a part of the community has changed me for the better more than once and I cannot be more grateful or happier to have the friends that I made as a result of Type 1 Diabetes. Here’s to being Type 1 Of A Kind! <3

- Pragya Bakshi

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